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Our Spirit/Mission

Delivering genuine quality, all-natural comfort and trade value.

Our focus is to work for a healthier planet to ensure future generations can live, love and laugh the way we did. Summer Anna’s products are ethically sourced, all-natural and durable, qualities which will ensure a more sustainable environment.

Summer Anna wants to contribute to -Less Waste, Less Harm to Human and Animals”

About Us

Our company is rooted in my deep love for travel , passion for the ancient cultures of the middle east and the joy I discovered in the timeless pieces that joined me for the journey home. I was blessed to discover sustainably produced all-natural cotton textiles in The Aegean.
These plush essentials are made with 100% cotton grown locally and woven in the true ancient Turkish styles. The mills use only non- toxic ( Azo Free) dyes and abide by the European standard of eco- friendly production, this keeps the integrity of the natural Cotton.
These textiles will add beauty to your home and immerse you in the richness of Turkish culture , born Constantinople , conquered by the Greeks, overthrown by the Ottoman Empire and today, as vibrant, exotic and alive as ever.

Cotton Comfort by Summer Anna

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