Baby Support Pillow


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Baby support pillow. Available in two colours. Suitable for babies.


Allow your infant to be comfortable with this Baby Support Pillow.  The butterfly shape helps with the support. It is made from cotton material so its natural, and this is great for babies who have allergies. Use our Baby Support pillow in the car, on-board a plane or anywhere. Different colours available. Stuck for a  Baby Shower gift? Our Baby Support Pillow, is also great to give as a gift to new mothers, as a baby shower gift.

Here are some of the benefits of using a baby butterfly pillow:

Provides support for the head and neck. The butterfly shape of the pillow helps to keep the baby’s head and neck in a neutral position, which can help to prevent neck pain and stiffness.
Reduces the risk of flat head syndrome. Flat head syndrome is a condition that occurs when a baby’s head flattens on one side due to spending too much time lying on that side. The support provided by this great pillow can help to reduce the risk of flat head syndrome.
Promotes better sleep. A baby butterfly pillow can help to create a more comfortable and supportive environment for sleeping, which can lead to better sleep for babies.


Other names- Butterfly Baby neck pillow

Material – cotton

Size- L 32cm x W34cm x H 7cm

Origin- South Africa

Bath Towel

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Baby Support Pillow

Baby Support Pillow