Blue 6-Seater Tablecloth

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Summer Anna made to order beautiful 6-seater table cloth has been carefully crafted from pure cotton and screen printed by the artisans of Jaipur.


Summer Anna brings you this unique Blue 6-seater tablecloth. Artisans in Jaipur weave the fabric from pure cotton and  complete the screenprinting  process too. This tablecloth features a unique anti-pilling, lightweight design that lends it incredible durability. The centuries-old Jaipuri tradition inspires artisans in Jaipur to handcraft a unique work of art quality into each piece.

Artisans use different stenciling techniques, the main one being photo emulsion, to hand screen print our iconic blue 6-seater tablecloth. They force ink through a pattern cut into a piece of cloth stretched across a frame. To produce a multi-colored image, artisans use several screens, printing one color at a time.The stencil is actually a negative of the image. The artisan mounts the fabric on the frame, spreads the ink, and this leaves an image. This method produces vivid colors, even on darker fabrics , like this Blue 6-Seater Tablecloth.

Summer Anna’s sourcing of ethically made goods with a low environmental impact contributes to sustainable living. The colouring process uses azo-free or non toxic dyes, this is what makes our textiles organic.Our blue 6-seater tablecloths are made to order in small quantities, so you are guaranteed exclusivity when you buy one. You can use them for indoor and outdoor dining. Give them as Wedding and housewarming gifts too.

Material: 100% Cotton

Size: 218.5cm x 142cm

Care: Cold Machine wash. Tumble drying not advised.

Made in India

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Blue 6-Seater Tablecloth

Blue 6-Seater Tablecloth

R400.00R550.00 (-27%)

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